Have we lost our agency?

the Gospel of Liberty

Currently every government on the earth is either bound, controlled, or influenced by secret combinations that have put chains on freedom and liberty and are working in secret to make the civilized world one grand machine of power, which can only be moved by the ironbound heart and hand of secret combinations. Man has lost his agency as a result and none are exempt from their influence.

Agency is limited if the truth doesn’t have a place in society. Yet most are too ignorant and complacent to recognize what is missing. This is a result of the deliberate actions of those who are part of this secret combination and their control and influence on education and information that society has been conditioned to accept. Only with the knowledge of the truth can you then expand and increase your agency. Only with the truth can you even understand there are more options than what has been presented to you.

The secret combinations are the abomination that maketh desolate. The power and works of secret combinations, which are incompatible with the spirit of freedom, and subversive of the regulations and power of all true governments, must inevitably bring destruction.

It is up to each of us individually to awake! and arise from the dust, shake off the deceptions and strong delusion of the world, to seek after truth and light, and to bring darkness to light.

Are you a



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